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Traitements lasers

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Alexandrite lasers make use of the gemstone Alexandrite as the lasing medium. The Alexandrite laser hair treatment focuses a wavelength of energy (specifically, 755 nanometers, or nm) on the area being treated. These intense pulses of light destroy individual hair follicles without significantly affecting the surrounding tissue. Cooling devices further prevent heat damage to the skin.

Due to the nature of laser hair removal technology, Alexandrite laser hair treatment isn't for everyone. Because the laser targets dark pigmentation, the hair in question must be darker than the skin surrounding it. Therefore, the ideal candidates are people with light skin and dark hair.

There are several categories of lasers used. The choice of which type of laser is best for you depends on your hair color and your skin color. Different lasers emit laser beams in different wavelengths of light and different wavelengths of light are absorbed by different colors.

1. The Q-switch laser which emits short,high power pulses is used for removing tattoos and pigmentation.
2. The Q-switched neodymium:YAG (Nd:YAG) laser produces an infra-red light used to remove dark tattoos and deep pigmented lesions. Its green light work is used for removing orange-red tattoos as well as unwanted hair.

The three types of Q-Switched lasers used for tattoo removal are: Q-switched Ruby (red light), Q-switched Yag (infrared & green light) and Q-switched Alexandrite (Purple/red light). Each respond differently to different colors of ink. 

Light is absorbed by opposite colors and reflected by its own color. Darker tattoos are easier to remove usually because they absorb the light better. A ruby laser (694 NM) produces a red light. 

A neodimiun yag (1064NM) produces infrared light or can be switched to a different mode whereas the frequency is doubled to produce a bright green light (532NM). 

An Alexandrite laser (755NM), produces a purple/red light. Because light is absorbed by its opposite color and reflects its own color it is necessary to use a green light to remove red ink as it is necessary to use red light to remove green ink. The color of a tattoo will determine what laser or a light color is necessary to dissolve and remove a tattoo.